Zach Unfair

Zach Unfair is a twice-encountered NPC in Hyperdimension Neptunia who desires to become a game developer.

Lastation EventsEdit

Zach was encountered when he entered the wrong room belonging to the party and became flustered about seeing Neptune and Compa in an embarrassing scene. He apologized for intruding and was about to leave when Neptune, thinking Zach was cool, began to converse with him. Zach reveals that he is unemployed, wanting to become a game creator and enjoy peach pie. He also aims to be employed soon so that he could make games like GG7 which IF also is familiar about. IF and Zach also agree on how the main character's past was done nicely. After that Zach leaves while Neptune ask IF how things were going and that they should seal the deal. But IF brushes it off and commands Neptune to take a bath.

They encountered Zach Unfair again in a restaurant, only this time he is more greedy, only caring for the money and not the passion of the game. Neptune mentions that he has turned into a hopeless, dreamless, passionless shell of a man and IF says that she wished she had not seen that event.


At first a passionate young man who wishes to make a name for himself. He is "cool", but still becomes flustered and shy easily at first until topics he like happen to come up. He got along well with IF at the time and even Neptune had seen this.

Later he has seen to become a heartless, mean spirited, greedy man who only cares for money and wants to make more of it. Having lost his passion that originally got him where he was to begin with. It's then assumed IF decides to break off any further contact with him at the time being.


  • His silhouette is similar to Ganache.
  • His name is a reference to Zack Fair, a character from Final Fantasy VII.
  • He is the second character with a revealed fruit preference: Peach. Blanc is the first, favoring Tangerines.
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