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Hyperdimension Neptunia V TipsEdit

-Recipe for Ultimate vert at chapter 4-

  • Once you get Vert in chapter 4 use your scouts and search Leanbox until they find the Em Es Magma Cave, in there you will find the Shiikate Bracelet recipe which gives a huge stat boost. to do it you need to find 3 sets of items very easily found by you or your scouts. First get the Ancient...Thing in the Magma Cave, the lost dragon drops these but use your scouts to get them or to do a harvest shift with flag down. nest you'll need Negative Bark, another easy item that you can get at the so shal florest on the Hello Continent, scout it out or harvest shift flag down it, next is the magical jelly, scout lowee for the northen space dungeon and scout out the items or use harvest shift flag down and get them. You need 3 Ancient...Things,2 Negative Barks and 2 Magical Jellys. After doing it just equip it to vert and she wont need a Bracelet anymore and she can take most story dungeon monsters solo but careful, without a good weapon she wont be able to kill anything tough.

Tiduneu (talk) 06:19, April 6, 2014 (UTC)

-Recipe for CPU Ring Chapter 4-

  • Once you find So Shal Florest by scouting Hello Continent you can do it right away by very easy scouting sections, first you will need Magical Fragments, in chapter 4 the High Dragon are easy to kill, they are in Soni Wetlands and you need only 3, after that scout Lastation till you find Vita Dimension, in there you need Cool Boxbird Wing, The king boxbird drops this but he may be hard so just scout or harvest shift flag down the items, you need 2, after that comes the dangerous part, the Flamin' Petal , you need to scout Leanbox till you find EM ES Cave, this cave is hard so scout out the items or harvest shift them flag down, be careful tough if you get in a battle it will possibly be game over so save before entering. after you get the 2 flamin' petals do the cpu ring and you get a powerful accessory earlier. Do the Monochrome Style play and get the money to buy more.

Tiduneu (talk) 06:19, April 6, 2014 (UTC)

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