aka Ryusenka, The Abyss Dweller

  • I live in The Solana Galaxy, Veldin
  • I was born on March 31
  • My occupation is Gadgetron, Megacorp, Dreadzone, Grummelnet, The Lombax Magistrate, R.Y.N.O. collector, and Senior Caretaker of The Great Clock
  • I am Male, Lombax
Me in my room

Name cory day i also go by Co, day, CD, Cid,Ryusenka,

and a name i will change it to

Nero Nexus Artoye Meran Arno ter Servean oren Sithis

In english: The Delver of the darkness in souls, Servant of the Void

Nero:delver Nexus: dark artoye: in souls meran: ness arno ter: of theX2

servean: servant Sithis: demon,devil,void,oblivion

(this is nexus a language me and 2 of my friends know)

My favorite pagesEdit

  • Nepgear
  • Red

More about meEdit

well i have darkish red hair, black when wet

16, male Bday march 31

i usually spend my time tryin to stay away from "certain" people

some things i like is aggravating authority jus fer the hell of it

i do believe that the world shall end

i think its a terrible idea that nasa discovered a new planet

and i have to admit that it is a pain in the butt for me to talk to girls i like so i usually just come up with some random conversation to avoid any awkwardness

i live in the US just dont care much for it

Things i like and dislikeEdit


  • cosplay(without costumes just weapons)
  • anime (inyuasha,bleach,naruto,durarara,FMAB,GITS SAC, dot hack, final fantasy, psyren,etc)
  • video games (horror,shooting,RPG,anime,fantasy,etc...)
  • the colors black, red, jet black, blood red, gray
  • girls
  • neko's (cat-girls(anime))
  • werewolves(not from twilight)
  • the moon
  • archery, swordsmanship, LARP(just never done it)
  • Darkness, paranormalities, secluding myself from those who do not truly understand me, artistry, i am not a goth even though i sound like one, poetry,etc

above(hyperdimension neptunia,elder scrolls 5 skyrim,resistance3,dead space2,final fantasy 13 and 7 crisis core)


  • pink
  • teachers
  • authority
  • those who believe themseves above others
  • the sun
  • light
  • water especially very cold water
  • very strange things(shemales, tentacles, the mentally insane, etc)
  • spammers and pop up ads
  • wierd tv shows (power rangers)
  • perverts (hence why i dont like school because mine is filled with em)
  • school
  • people who dont understand me
  • liars who lie terribly
  • being sick
  • girls who think about nothing but sex (Example:pregnant teenagers)
  • rappers
  • gangs,theft(unless your playing a video game), murder for no reason or a stupid reason (again unless VG)

My personalityEdit

id say im about as shy and timid as nepgear when in front of a girl i like

about as dark and mysterious(sort of) as azure kite from dot hack gu

easily annoyed like blanc

cant stand to be surrounded by loud idiotic morons similar to haseo from dot hack gu

dont like to talk very much like anri sonohara but if you wind up gettin me goin on something its kinda hard tostop kinda like Maes Hughes from fullmetal alchemist

im a pretty good swordsman and i really hate guns

if ya wanna know anything else leave a message on my talk page

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