The Sister's Resolve (Turn)
Ep4 Screen
Nepgear transformed into Purple Sister to save CPUs
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Air Date August 2, 2013
Episode Number 04
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A Weekend (Girl's Night) in Leanbox The Goddesses' Resonance (Over Limit)

Episode 04 of Neptunia The Animation aired August 2, 2013 in Japan.


When the CPU's get captured, Nepgear tries to go save them, but IF stops her and they ride back to Leanbox. When they learn about the anticrystal, Nepgear says that it's her fault they don't have it because she saw one of the anticrystals in Episode 3 when Pirachu dropped it, but she didn't know what it was. Nepgear was struck by it, and felt weird. Uni calls Nepgear an idiot because her sister, Noire, got captured by Arfoire and runs off. Nepgear is hurt, and runs off too. Later on, Uni apologizes to Nepgear, with the assistance of Rom and Ram. Soon, the CPU canidates decide on training with Vert's creation along with Compa. IF then tells them that they are running out of time, and they go to save the goddesses.

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  • This the last episode to feature "Go Love & Peace" as the ending song.
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