The Fruit (Deep Purple) of Revenge
Ep7 Screen
Arfoire's new "plan"
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Air Date August 23, 2013
Episode Number 07
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Lastation's Secret (For Your Eyes Only) The Forbidden Paradise (Island)
 Episode 07 of Neptunia: the Animation aired August 23th, 2013 in Japan.


Key eventsEdit

  • Arfoire learns that Neptune hates eggplants.
  • IF and Compa were kidnapped by Arfoire and Pirachu.
  • Plutia transforms into Iris Heart.
  • Plutia enjoys fighting and torturing Arfoire.
  • Arfoire was defeated.



  • At the end of the episode, the omake (comedy sketch) is replaced for the preview of the next episode.
  • In the preview, Vert says: "Watch, or I will delete your save data" like other animes do, such as 'watch or I will find you' and 'watch or I will take your soul.' from Soul Eater.
  • Arfoire transforms into Eggplant Con in Neptunia Victory's true route event.
  • Histoire from another dimension appears in this episode.

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