Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Weapon N/A
Game(s) Hyperdimension Neptunia
Voice Actor N/A (Japanese) , N/A (English)

Singe is an adult man who is the head of the major company Avenir, in the landmass of Lastation. He views machines as being superior to humans because of their perceived perfection, something he thinks humans cannot achieve... However the truth about Singe was revealed by Chian that Singe actually cannot trust humans and products he made himself. Since he is deathly afraid of hurting someone with his products, he shoulders everyone with that fear he had inside.

He had a history with Chian as he was once her alumnus in her old school.

Neptune mentions the reason why they won during the event at the Tech Expo is that his weapons are cold, while Chian's are warm. He was also shown to be shocked when Chian's sword took down his mech.


From what can be seen, he has a male with slicked back hair, and possibly a large nose.


As a result of his viewpoint of machine superiority, Singe tends to treat other people with disdain regardless of their success or personal feelings.


  • It was actually Ganache who was behind the events that occurred in the Tech Expo whose goal is to defeat Neptune, a rival of the goddess he believed in from the ancient console war. He admitted that he added some "features" to the weapon Singe is exhibiting.
  • Singe means to burn or scorch, which ironically is opposite of what they claimed of his weapons.
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