Older Brother
Older Brother
Older Brother
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Weapon N/A
Game(s) Hyperdimension Neptunia
Voice Actor N/A (Japanese) , N/A (English)

The older of the two brothers who are up to no good and often tease Nisa about her flat chest a lot of the time. This usually results in her attacking them. But despite this, she will help them also in the face of danger.

The two brothers work/run a Restaurant, but also became thieves for a little bit before deciding to go back to being good and trying to help others.


He seems to like purposely aggravating Nisa. It's possible the guys like Nisa, but they show it like that. On another hand, they are antagonistic until their final scene when they desire to become nice and help people traveling down the same road they were. He cares deeply for his brother, even while he was on the bad side and told him to run instead of letting the monster kill the both of them. But he refused and Nisa showed up.

While Antagonist sided, he seems to be very greedy and only wanted to find ways of making money. He was not above stealing or taking a girl from home in order to use her for sexy advertising. He also seemed to find the "whipping punishment" that Nisa threatened to use sexy. So he may be into kink based things.


From what can be seen from the image above, older brother has short, shoulder length hair. And he seems to dress in warm clothing, most likely due to the fact they spend most of their time in Lowee or cold locations of areas. On his back is an object, however obscured, possibly a folded up map, or weapon holder, or even a back-pack with a blanket tied on top. As seen by those when camping or hill climbing.


  • "How could we lose?! Those things are like little hills on the horizon of a giant field."
  • "The folks you saved are totally appalled by your actions! And flatness."


  • Despite showing for more then three scenes, they are one of the only unnamed NPCs.
  • In Re;birth1, the brothers are given proper designs and voices, revealing them to be parodies of the Frost Brothers from the anime series After War Gundam X. The only difference is that their hair is red instead of black. The duo have the same voice actors as the anime characters, and even say some famous lines from the series.
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