This page lists all of the materials that are obtainable in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2. These items can be used as ingredients for Item Synthesis or turned in as requisite(s) for a quest. Materials can be gathered in gathering spots or as monster drops. A maximum of 99 of each item can be carried.

Name Gathering Spot Monster Drop Description
Herb Gapain Field
Iris Field
Lowee Global Expo East
Virtua Forest
Virtua Forest Depths
-------- A plant that is the base ingredient for many medicines.
Healing Herb Atari Marsh
Gapain Field
Iris Field
Rebeat Resort
Septent Resort
Virtua Forest Depths
-------- A kind of herb that can heal wounds.
Glowgrass Atari Marsh
Iris Field
LAN Castle
Panan Jungle
-------- A plant that glows in the moonlight.
Refresh Herb Atari Marsh
Panan Jungle
-------- This has been used as a material for wonder drugs since ancient times.
World Tree Leaf Gamindustri Graveyard
LAN Castle
LAN Castle Secret Hall
-------- This leaf cures all types of diseases and heals wounds.
Iron Ore Darkness 60
Endless Zone
World Maze, 1st Layer
-------- Ore with a lot of iron in it.
Copper Ore Atari Marsh
Gapain Field
World Maze,1st Layer
-------- Ore with a lot of copper in it.
Silver Ore Atari Marsh
Gamindustri Graveyard
-------- Ore with a lot of silver in it.
Gold Ore Junk Box
LAN Castle
LAN Castle Secret Hall
-------- Ore with a lot of gold in it. It is very valuable.
Orichalcum LAN Castle
LAN Castle Secret Hall
Panan Jungle
-------- A legendary mineral. It's extremely firm and suitable for weapons.
Thermodite LAN Castle
-------- A piece of mysterious stone that always gives off heat.
Crimson Stone LAN Castle
LAN Castle Secret Hall
-------- A stone of flames that glows a deep red.
Fierodite LAN Castle Secret Hall -------- A stone with a fierce blaze sealed within.
Ice Stone LAN Castle
Lowee Global Expo East
-------- A piece of ice that is as firm as stone.
Gelid Stone Icicle Pathway
LAN Caslte
Lowee Global Expo East
-------- Its surface is always -273 Celsius. That's...extremely cold.
Frostimadite Icicle Pathway -------- Freezing cold ice.
Wind Stone LAN Castle
Severed Dimension
Virtua Forest Depths
-------- A stone as light as a breeze on your skin.
Gale Stone Junk Box
LAN Castle
-------- If you put your hand close to it, you can feel wind coming out.
Storm Stone Junk Box -------- High density air is sealed in this stone.
Dense Earth Stone Arfoire's Factory
LAN Caslte
-------- A firm stone condensed by extreme pressure.
Crest Stone Arfoire's Factory
Infinite Corridor
-------- A stone made from an ancient crest condensed by extreme pressure.
Gaea Stone Infinite Corridor --------
Rock Atari Marsh
Lowee Global Expo East
Rebeat Resort
Septent Resort
Virtua Forest
Virtua Forest Depths
-------- I got five pieces of candy! I got a chocolate bar! I got a quarter! I got a rock.
Piece of Concrete Arfoire's Factory
Gamindustri Graveyard
Icicle Pathway
-------- This is a piece of concrete.
Iron Concrete Gamindustri Graveyard -------- A piece of concrete with some rebars in it.
Data Crystal Endless Zone
Gamindustri Graveyard
Severed Dimension
World Maze, 1st Layer
-------- A crystal comprised of a lot of data.
File Crystal Gamindustri Graveyard
Infinite Corridor
Severed Dimension
-------- A crystal comprised of many Data Crystals.
Erde Crystal Infinite Corridor
Junk Box
-------- A Data Crystal formed with the assistance of magma containing a wide variety of data about the world.
Crystal Skull Darkness 60 Crystal Golem

Viral Crystal Golem

Model 4 Base Darkness 60
Endless Zone
Gamindustri Graveyard
Lowee Global Expo East
Severed Dimension
World Maze, 1st Layer
-------- With this high functionality processor, 3D games will look even more realistic!
Maoni Base Gamindustri Graveyard
Severed Dimension
World Maze, 1st Layer
-------- This base component succeeded the TS-V. It has excellent graphic processing capabilities and is cost-efficient for manufacture.
Ling Base Gamindustri Graveyard
Icicle Pathway
-------- A base component developed for the next generation.
Seashell Powerlevel Island
Rebeat Resort
Septent Resort
-------- Someone sells these by the seashore.
Sea Bead Powerlevel Island
Septent Resort
-------- A fragment of glass whose edges got rounded over the years.
Tiamat Horn Powerlevel Island -------- Said to be the horn of a legendary marine behemoth. No one has ever confirmed its validity.
Dogoo Jelly Virtua Forest Dogoo
Dogoo (Boss)
Dogoo (Coliseum v1)
Dogoo (Coliseum v2)
An oozy, jelly substance extracted from Dogoo secretions.
Orange Jelly Midcompany Red Dogoo
Red Dogoo (Coliseum)
An oozy, jelly substance extracted from Red Dogoo secretions.
Metal Jelly -------- Metal Dogoo
Heretical Jelly Severed Dimension Heretical Jelly
Heretical Dogoo (Coliseum)
An oozy, jelly substance extracted from Heretical Dogoo secretions. It definitely makes you question some things...
Grand Jelly -------- Grandogoo
Grandogoo (Boss)
Metabolic Dragoo
Grandogoo (Coliseum)
An oozy, jelly substance extracted from Grandogoo secretions.
Premium Jelly Endless Zone Huge Dogoo
Red Gel Feeler Darkness 60 Healing Dogoo
Dot Antenna Darkness 60 Pixelvader
Dear Deer
Pixelvader (Coliseum)
Pixelvader (Coliseum v2)
A cubic, block-like material.
Mottled Antenna Lowee Global Expo East Minivader A mottled, block-like material.
Round Antenna World Maze, 1st Layer Poxvader A spherical, dot-like material.
Cell Antenna -------- Nanovader A block-like material with a certain pattern.
Space Antenna -------- Spacevader A block-like material with a spatial pattern.
Green Plate Rebeat Resort Babyvader
Pixelvader (Blue Skin)
Pixelvader (Blue Skin v2)
A green oval plate.
Pink Plate Underverse Red Babyvader A pink oval plate.
Blue Plate -------- Betavader
Block Nose Midcompany Elephantvader
Viral Elephantvader
Elephantvader (Coliseum)
Elephantvader (Coliseum v2)
The block that formed an Elephantvader's trunk.
Firm Block Nose -------- Rigvader
Viral Rigvader
The block that formed a Rigvader's trunk.
Meowvader Whisker Atari Marsh Meowvader
Viral Meowvader
Meowvader (Coliseum)
Meowvader (Coliseum v2)
The block that formed a Meowvader's Whisker.
Calico Whisker Arfoire's Factory Calicovader
Viral Calicovader
The block that formed a Calicovader's Whisker.
Dot Ears Lowee Global Expo East Bunnyvader
Viral Bunnyvader
Bunnyvader (Coliseum)
Bunnyvader (Coliseum v2)
The block that formed a Bunnyvader's ears.
White Ears Atari Marsh Harevader
Viral Harevader
The block that formed a Harevader's ears.
Wriggling Tail Arfoire's Factory Swinevader
Viral Swinevader
Swinevader (Coliseum)
Swinevader (Coliseum v2)
The block that formed a Swinevader's tail. It's curly.
Whirling Tail LAN Castle Baconvader
Viral Baconvader
The block that formed a Baconvader's tail. It's curly.
Lion's Mane World Maze, 1st Layer Lionvader
Viral Lionvader
Lionvader (Coliseum)
The block that formed a Lionvader's mane.
Leo's Mane LAN Castle Leovader
Viral Leovader
The block that formed a Leovader's mane.
Large Pincer Rebeat Resort King Crab
Cardboard Rebeat Resort Frog-in-the-box
Helmet Atari Marsh Met Froggy A safety helmet that you can get from a Met Froggy.
Teppachi -------- Sergeant Froggy A military helmet that you can get from a Sergeant Froggy.
Bomb Fuse Endless Zone Bomb-omburai
Bomb Lips Underverse Ms. Bomb-omburai A material resembling lips you can get from a Ms. Bomb-omburai.
Purple Block Lowee Global Expo East Terits
A purple block you can get from a Terits.
Blue Block World Maze, 1st Layer Tetsri A blue block you can get from a Tetsri.
Green Block World Maze, 1st Layer Terist A green block you can get from a Terist.
Red Block -------- Tesrit A red block you can get from a Tesrit.
Yellow Block -------- Testri A yellow block you can get from Testri.
Plum-met Piece World Maze, 1st Layer Plum-met A fragment you can get from a Plum-met.
Plumindigo Piece Underverse Plumindigo
S. Plum-met Piece Gamindustri Graveyard Spotted Plum-met A fragment you can get from a Spotted Plum-met.
Plom-met Piece -------- Plom-met
Plam-met Piece -------- Plam-met A yellow fragment you can get from a Plam-met.
Rag Darkness 60 Clyde A worn-out piece of cloth you can get from a Clyde.
Heat Cloth Underverse Blinky
Viral Blinky
A piece of fire-resistant cloth you can get from a Bashful.
Water-Soluble Cloth Septent Resort Bashful
Viral Bashful
A piece of water-soluble cloth you can get from a Blinky.
Venomous Cloth Gamindustri Graveyard Inky
Viral Blinky
A poisoned piece of cloth you can get from an Inky.
Moonlight Shadow LAN Castle Speedy
Viral Speedy
Magic Boy
A thin fabric you can get from a Speedy. It is said that this can absorb moonlight.
Invisible Cloth LAN Castle Depths Pinky
Viral Pinky
A transparent piece of cloth you can get from a Pinky.
Blue Ribbon Darkness 60 Ms. Clyde A blue ribbon you can get from a Ms. Clyde.
Black Ribbon Underverse Ms. Blinky
Viral Ms. Blinky
A black ribbon you can get from a Ms. Bashful.
Pink Ribbon Septent Resort Ms. Bashful
Viral Ms. Bashful
A pink ribbon you can get from a Ms. Blinky.
Venom Ribbon Gamindustri Graveyard Ms. Inky
Viral Ms. Inky
A poisonous ribbon you can get from a Ms. Inky.
Shadow Ribbon LAN Castle Ms. Speedy
Viral Ms. Speedy
Magic Girl
Invisible Ribbon LAN Castle Depths Ms. Pinky
Viral Ms. Pinky
A translucent ribbon you can get from a Ms. Pinky.
Yellow Petal Virtua Forest Tulip
Viral Tulip
A yellow petal you can get from a Tulip.
Red Petal Underverse Apeldoom
Viral Apeldoom
Arie Hoek
A red petal you can get from an Apeldoom.
Blue Petal Septent Resort West Point
Viral West Point
A blue petal you can get from a West Point. It brings the scent of the ocean.
Rainbow Petal Arfoire's Factory Aimable
Viral Aimable
A rainbow-colored petal you can get from an Aimable. Its hue varies depending on the angle you look at it.
Sunflowery Seed Gapain Field Sunflowery
Viral Sunflowery
Linda of Fire
Ruby Lass
A big Sunflowery seed.
Red Seed Iris Field Moulin Rouge
Viral Moulin Rouge
Scarlet Obara
A red seed you can get from a Moulin Rouge.
Yellow Seed Arfoire's Factory Lady Sun
Viral Lady Sun
Velvet Queen
A yellow seed you can get from a Lady Sun.
Blue Seed LAN Castle Blue Sun
Viral Blue Sun
A blue seed you can get from a Blue Sun.
Fungus's Spores Virtua Forest Depths Fungus
Viral Fungus
Spores from a Fungus.
Matango's Spores Atari Marsh Matango
Viral Matango
Venomous spores from a Matango.
Radisher Leaf Virtua Forest Radisher
Radisher (Coliseum)
A leaf you can get from a Radisher's head.
Carroteer Leaf -------- Carroteer
Carroteer (Coliseum)
A leaf you can get from a Carroteer's head.
Eggplanter Pit Atari Marsh Eggplanter
Eggplanter (Coliseum)
A leaf you can get from an Eggplanter.
Piranha Petal Virtua Forest Depths Piranha Flower A big petal you can get from a Piranha Flower.
Disc Shard Gamindustri Graveyard Disc A shard from a broken disc.
Shattered Disc Gamindustri Graveyard Dark Disc
Bird's Bronze Crown -------- King Cardbird A bronze crown you can loot from a Cardbird.
Bird's Silver Crown Gamindustri Graveyard Prince Cardbird
Bird's Kingly Crown Gapain Field Cardbird
A golden crown you can loot from a King Cardbird.
Pumpkin Lantern Gapain Field Pumpkimon
Viral Pumpkimon
A giant pumpkin's skin.
Watermelon Skin -------- Watermemon
Viral Watermemon
A big watermelon's skin.
Newly Laid Egg -------- Shrotamon
Viral Shrotamon
A big eggshell.
Tokimeki World Maze, 1st Layer Tokimeki Sister
Old Pal's Chronicle
Loli Prince
Stalking Sister
Stalking Stalk -------- Stalking Sister
Tera Hunk
Shimamo's Brother
When love gets extreme, it turns to hate...maybe psychosis.
I Flute Severed Dimension Weirdo Shadow A flute that looks like the letter 'I.'
$ Violin Severed Dimension Sicko Shadow A violin that looks like a dollar sign.
$ Cello Severed Dimension Greedy Shadow
ASCII Band -------- ASCII Orchestra
Buff Stone Underverse Pal Shell A mysterious ore that gives off a light blue glow.
Smart Stone -------- Armor Shell A mysterious ore that gives off a blue glow.
Small Conductor Endless Zone Bit
Next-gen Bit
Bit Neo
A small conductor you can get from a Bit.
Stellar Frames World Maze, 1st Layer Super FX Professor
Honorary Professor
Glasses frames that look like stars. You can get them from a Super FX professor and they are fab-u-lous!
Heart Frames Severed Dimension Super FX Doctor Glasses frames that look like hearts. You can get them from a Super FX Doctor.
Polyhedron Lowee Global Expo East Bear Balancer The 12-faced die that a Bear Balancer was riding on.
Soccer Ball Iris Field Rabbit Balancer The soccer ball that a Rabbit Balancer was riding on.
Black Die -------- Monkey Balancer The black die that a Monkey Balancer was riding on.
Fish Skeleton Rebeat Resort Fish Zombie
Viral Fish Zombie
Fish Skeleton
A skeleton that forms pretty much all of a Fish Zombie.
Fish Fossil -------- Coelacanth
Viral Coelacanth
It's literally the fossil of a fish.
Horsebird Feather Atari Marsh
Virtua Forest
Fat Horsebird
Tricky Horsebird
Horsebirdex v2
A Horsebird's feather.
Horsebird Wing Virtua Forest Horsebird Leader
A Horsebird's wing.
Horsebird Tail -------- Deep Impulse
Horsebird Mane -------- Midsummer Nightmare
Illegal Chip Darkness 60 M-3
M-3 Custom
M-3 Zero Model
A chip taken from an M-3. It's modified into an illegal chip.
Illegal Memory -------- R-4 A memory taken from an R-4. It's modified into an illegal chip.
Illegal Conductor Lowee Global Expo East DSTT
A conductor taken from a DSTT. It's modified into an illegal chip.
Illegal ROM Severed Dimension EDGE A ROM taken from an EDGE. It's an illegal modification.
Spider Web Virtua Forest Depths Spider
Giant Spider
A Spider's web. It's very thin, but sturdy.
Venomous Spider Web Atari Marsh Tarantula
Ogre Widow
The poisonous web of a Tarantula.
Paralysis Web LAN Castle Numbing Spider
Demon Widow
A paralyzing web taken from a Numbing Spider.
Lethal Spider Web LAN Castle Depths Deadly Spider
The web of a Deadly Spider. It's so sharp that if you touch it without being really careful, you might cut your fingers.
Kupokat Claws Virtua Forest Depths Kupokat
Viral Kupokat
Claws of a Kupocat.
Kupokitty Claws Lowee Global Expo East Kupokitty
Viral Kupokitty
It is said that if you keep thse with you at all times, you will end up with the person you like.
Meow Claws Iris Field Meow
Viral Meow
Meow's claws.
Gang Mask Rebeat Resort Delinquent Cat
Tae Kwon Cat
Rebel Lynx
You know this one, right? Those pesky kids love this mask.
Hoodlum Mask Severed Dimension Hoodlum Hare Hoodlums love this mask.
Ganglord Mask Arfoire's Factory Ganglord Panther It's almost like the champion belt among delinquents.
Earth Ripper Virtua Forest Depths Fenrisulfr
A Fenrir's sharp claws.
Freezing Claws Lowee Global Expo East Ice Fenrir
Icy Hedgehog
A Fenrir's icy claws.
Blaze Claws -------- Flame Fenrir
Evil Ripper Severed Dimension Demonic Fenrir
Behemoth Claws -------- Vanargandr
Dolphin Tail Septent Resort Dolhpin
Sea Hunter
The tail of a Dolphin. If you feel particularly adventurous, you can wear it and pretend to be a mermaid.
Plaid Dolphin Tail Atari Marsh Plaid Dolphin
A Plaid Dolphin's tail.
Dolphin Check Tail LAN Castle Depths Dolichorhynchops
A Dolichorhynchop's tail, complete with a check mark.
Sea God Tail -------- Dagon
Dragon Claws Grapain Field Elemental Dragon
Ancient Dragon
Crescent Dragon
A rare Dragon's claws.
Dragon Fang -------- Ancient Dragon
Magic Dampener Event only Killachine
Killachine (v2)
A device capable of the creation, amplification, and adaptation of magic forces.
New Magic Dampener Gamindustry Graveyard Depths - Add Enemies Killachine Mk-2
Pronged Magic Damp. -------- Deus Ex Machina
6-fold Magic Damp. Arfoire's Factory - Add Enemies Killachine Mk-2 Six times as strong as the last Magic Dampener.
Hard Cover -------- CPU Breaker
Hero Craft
A game console's main body cover. It is made to be very sturdy in order to protect the fragile interior from external shocks.
Alloy Plate Gamindustry Graveyard - Add Enemies Rival Craft A piece of alloy armor. It is easy to fabricate and its fortification ability is high.
Rare Plate -------- Opportune
Orichalcum Plate -------- Betelgeuse
Memory of That Day -------- Shiva
Evil Eye -------- God of Woe
Dragon Soul -------- God of Catastrophe
God Soul -------- Nihil
Iron Pipe -------- Underling
Underling (v2)
Underling (v3)
Underling (v4)
Underling (v5)
Underling (v6)
Underling (v7)
Underling (Conquest)
Underling (Coliseum)
Underling (Coliseum v2)
An iron pipe Underling uses as her weapon.
Pirate Ball -------- Pirachu
Pirachu (v3)
Pirachu (v4)
A mysterious ball said to double all of Pirachu's stats.
Huge Pirate Ball -------- Venomous Pirachu
Pirachu (v5)
A mysterious ball said to quadruple all of Pirachu's stats.
Fishing Controller -------- CFW Judge
CFW Judge (v2)
A nostalgic controller that looks like a fishing pole.
Dancing Controller -------- Alkaid
Guitar Controller -------- Doomsday Messenger A controller for music games. It looks like a guitar.
SWIN Stick -------- CFW Brave For 1-on-1 fighting games.
Race Controller -------- CFW Brave (v2) For racing games. It looks like a wheel.
D. Cast Gun -------- CFW Brave (v3)
Visual Memory 8x -------- Galactic Riser
Visual Memory 16x -------- Zelgallion
Tough Replay -------- Replicant
Proxyon Play -------- CFW Trick
CFW Trick (v2)
CFW Trick (v3)
By using a certain code, you can manipulate the internal mechanics of a video game.
Reaction Play -------- Grafchocolo
Flash Card -------- CFW Magic (v2)
CFW Brave (v3)
CFW Magic (v3)
The Arfoire prototype. A small card.
Dark Soul -------- CFW Arfoire
CFW Arfoire (Coliseum)
A lump of the evil souls in Gamindustri.
Arfoire Crystal -------- DOS Arfoire (v2)
DOS Arfoire (Coliseum)
A crystallization of condensed Dark Souls.
Delphinus Crystal -------- Delphinus A crystallization of Delphinus' soul.
Wood Shell Iris Field Forest Turtle
Turtle Shell Septent Resort Turtle
Whale Ball Septent Resort Whale
Holy Whale Ball -------- Child Whale
Old Dragon...Horn LAN Castle Nidhogg
Iron Shell -------- Mega Turtle
Magic Shell -------- Dominance Machine
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