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Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 features a total of 3 endings, the Normal Ending, the True Ending, and the Conquest Ending. The Normal Ending may have an event extension depending on the player's actions. A total of 5 extensions can be seen through the normal ending if certain requirements are met. All endings and extensions result in a trophy. Endings are determined by two variables: Shares and Lily Ranks.

A mysterious message coming from nowhere...

A mysterious message coming from nowhere...

True Ending

Neptunia Mk2 Cast

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Condition: The True Ending is the ending result of Chapter 8: Defenders. To unlock the additional chapters, all CPUs must be recruited, and all of the global shares of each nation must be at least 15%. Unlike the Normal Ending, there are 2 additional chapters after chapter 6. The True Ending can be viewed after defeating DOS Arfoire in chapter 8.

The CPUs finally defeat Arfoire once and for all. Refusing to vanish alone, Arfoire decides to drag all of Gamindustri's feelings with her. The party then experiences a very powerful earthquake. Apparently, the Gamindustri Graveyard is collapsing. Neptune and Nepgear collapses, but they escape along with the others thanks to their help.

Three months have passed, and the damage done by Arfoire was repaired. Everybody had returned back to their daily lives. Compa resumes her profession and soon became a nurse at a clinic. 5pb. resumes her career as an idol, and Cave comes back to Leanbox and returned to her work. IF goes back to work as an agent Guild, and Falcom resumes as an adventurer. Underling and Pirachu continue to distribute Arfoire chips, although they're redundant after Arfoire was annihilated. They're soon later chased by both Falcom and IF. Underling and Pirachu managed to run away, though they're soon taken chased by Nisa and Gust, who had teamed up with each other to serve justice to those who needs it. In Lastation, Uni managed to surpass Noire in paperwork. In Leanbox, Chika tries and manages to get a busy and working Vert to hang out with her. In Lowee, Blanc struggles with the trouble that Ram and Rom is giving her. In Planeptune, Nepgear goes on a sister hunt to bring Neptune back to work on her duties as a CPU.

A mysterious message coming from nowhere...

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