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Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 (超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ mk2 Chōjigen Geimu Neputyūnu mk2?, lit. "Super Dimensional Game Neptune mk2") is the sequel to Hyperdimension Neptunia. It was released in Japan on August 18, 2011 and had its international release in February 2012.[2] The game takes place in an alternate dimension seperate from its predecessor with both new and returning characters.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 Opening English HD

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

World map[edit | edit source]

The world map can be seen outside a dungeon, which features cities and dungeons. Locations must be unlocked by advancing through the main storyline or by installing DLCs.

Shares[edit | edit source]

Main article: Shares

Shares are distributed through capital cities of a nation and surrounding cities that accumulates into global shares for a major division of a shareholder.

Item Synthesis[edit | edit source]

Item Synthesis allows the player to develop items that can be used by the characters. These include consumables, weapons, or processor units.

Chirper[edit | edit source]

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The Chirper system serves as a communication system on each nation. Talking to someone on the Chirper may trigger events.

Lily Rank[edit | edit source]

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Lily Rank is a new gameplay mechanic featured in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2. It determines the relationships between Nepgear and certain characters. The Lily Rank may affect certain outcomes on the main story.

Battle gameplay[edit | edit source]

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The game retains its turn-based gameplay, though movement is now possible. The placement of a character or enemy may play a role in the outcome of a battle. Because some attacks are area-based, it's possible for a character or enemy to inflict damage upon multiple targets inside the area of effect.

A new gameplay mechanic, Skill Points (SP), is added. SP is required to perform various skills. SP is needed to both activate and maintain HDD form. Characters gain SP by successfully both inflicting damage upon an enemy and being inflicted damage upon by an enemy.

Elemental affinity is present. Elemental affinities affect a character's resistance to elemental attacks and as well as the damage output of an elemental attack.

Dungeon gameplay[edit | edit source]

Unlike its game predecessor, the random encounter feature is removed and replaced by enemy contact encounter. When the player contacts with the enemy, a battle ensues. Depending on the type of contact, the player or enemy will gain an advantage on the turn.

A dungeon may contain more than up to two sections. Each section contains treasure(s) and gather spots for certain items. There is one hidden treasure for each section of a dungeon, which can be gathered by using the Treasure Search ability. Gather spots and hidden treasures respawn every time the player exits the dungeon.

Some events take place in a dungeon. Approaching a crystal (denoted by a red diamond marker on the map) will trigger an event.

Setting[edit | edit source]

Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 is set on a different dimension from Hyperdimension Neptunia. Like its game predecessor, the events are focused on Gamindustri, although there are significant changes to the landmasses. Rather than floating, separate landmasses, Gamindustri is a large continent that is separated by Planeptune, Lastation, Leanbox, and Lowee.

A new landmass, Gamindustri Graveyard, appears in Gamindustri.

Characters[edit | edit source]

For a list of all the characters in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2, see: Category:Neptunia mk2 character

The main playable characters include:

  • Nepgear, the CPU Candidate of Planeptune, plays as the main protagonist. She was the only CPU that managed to escape from the Gamindustri Graveyard. Now she strives to rescue her sister and the rest of the Hearts, as well as stop ASIC.
  • Compa, a nurse-in-training, helped Nepgear to escape from the Gamindustri Graveyard. Due to the Sharicite's lack of power, she only managed to free Nepgear.
  • IF, a member of the Guild, also helped Nepgear escape from the Gamindustri Graveyard. Along with Compa, they helped Nepgear with her rehabilitation from the past events that unfolded.
  • Nisa, the self-claimed heroine of Gamindustri, joins Nepgear's party after helping them with battling monsters spawned by Underling that prevents Nepgear from activating HDD.
  • Gust, an aspiring alchemist, offered to help revive the fallen mascot of Lowee. She later joins the party after the Killachine ordeal in Lowee is over.
  • 5pb., the popular idol from Leanbox, used her music to weaken Underling and Pirachu's power after they used a mascot to increase their power outputs. She joins the party after Nepgear gains Leanbox's mascot.
  • Ram and Rom, the twin sisters and CPU Candidates of Lowee, starts off with a dislike for Nepgear due to her association with Planeptune as its CPU Candidate. Nepgear slowly builds her relationship with the twins, especially with Rom, and they later join her party to help free their sisters.
  • Uni, the strong-willed CPU Candidate of Lastation, became friendly with Nepgear until she discovers that she's the CPU Candidate of Planeptune, which then things between them became distant and awkward. Nepgear slowly rebuilds her relationship with her, which later results in her joining the party.
  • Neptune, the CPU of Planeptune, is Nepgear's older sister. She will immediately join Nepgear's party after being saved from the Gamindustri Graveyard.
  • Blanc, the CPU of Lowee, is Ram and Rom's older sister. She joins Nepgear's party if Lowee gains sufficient local shares.
  • Noire, the CPU of Lastation, is Uni's older sister. She joins Nepgear's party if Lastation gains sufficient local shares.
  • Vert, the CPU of Leanbox, is the only CPU who doesn't have an official sister, though she sees Chika as her sister. She joins Nepgear's party if Leanbox gains sufficient local shares.

Story[edit | edit source]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

20XX—Gamindustri faces a dire crisis. Ever since the advent of ASIC—the Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime—morality has all but vanished. As much as 80 percent of all students are rumored to worship a being known as Arfoire. Parents, knowing this a poor object to worship, went ahead<and taught their children to do so. The government turned a blind eye instead of crushing this crisis in its infancy. Thus, Gamindustri fell into complete and utter disarray.
—official introduction

In the Gamindustri Graveyard, the hearts fights with CFW Magic of the Four Felons. Despite their best efforts, the four of them are defeated while Nepgear watches on helplessly. An opening narration explains that the rampant piracy occuring increases have resulted in the creation of ASIC, the Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime. 3 years later, IF and Compa arrive on the scene to help, guided by Histoire. Finding the captured Hearts, Compa manages to free Nepgear and the three are forced to fight CFW Judge . Unable to harm him, Nepgear uses the Sharicite, the crystalized form of the people's faith, to blind him. Nepgear passes out from the strain while IF and Compa carry her to safety.

Chapter 1: Divine Oratorio[edit | edit source]

Regrouping in Planeptune, the party meets up with Histoire, who decides their next best course of action is gain the power of the mascot characters of each landmass in order to combat ASIC. As Histoire gathers info on the mascot's location, the party begins restoring Planeptune's shares away from ASIC. Eventually, they find the location of the mascot, but are interupted by Linda, an ASIC member whom they dub "Underling". IF shields Nepgear from a critical hit from Underling, not wanting to see her get hurt after what happened in the Graveyard. Inspired, Nepgear activates HDD Mode and beats Underling. While Underling manages to escape and destroy the mascot character, its spirit lives on and grants the party its power. The party then decides to head to Lastation.

Chapter 2: The Crossroads of Defeat[edit | edit source]

Shortly after arriving in Lastation, the party meets up with Uni, the CPU Candidate and Noire's sister. She and Nepgear get along famously for a while, but when they join forces to fight Underling and reveal their natures to each other, Uni gets mad at Nepgear for not saving Noire and leaves calling her a traitor. Though upset, Nepgear and party continue on and meet with Kei, Lastation's Oracle who promises to tell the the mascot's location if they help her first and give her information on Noire. They first go to the Virtua Forest Depths looking to get one of the items on the list. However, Underling lay in wait with HDD-blocking cronies. The party is saved by the timely arrival of Nisa, who helps fight off the enemies, and joins the party afterwards. As they travel, Compa ends up aiding Pirachu, who falls for her, and takes off. While getting the second item of the list they run into Uni once more who attempts to apologize to Nepgear, but ends up arguing with her instead (while Compa is having tea with a monster). Underling once again interferes and corrupts the monster which the party defeats. Afterwards, Uni challenges Nepgear to a duel which she accepts. Uni is defeated much to her despair as she realizes even when alone Nepgear is still stronger than her. Kei eventually directs them to the location of the mascot, meeting Falcom for the first time along the way. After finally locating the stubborn mascot who refuses to leave, they run into Pirachu once again who reveals he is part of ASIC and it's there to destroy the mascot. He attempts to convince Compa to join, but after Compa tells him she hates her enemies and refuses to join ASIC, an heartbroken Pirachu attempts to make her join by force but is defeated. The mascot agrees to lend Nepgear her power and the party returns to Lastation. Uni and Nepgear make up agreeing to be friends once again. Nepgear offers Uni to join the party, but Uni out of fear of becoming a burden says to wait until she's stronger. The party leaves for Lowee with Kei warning them that Lowee CPU Candidates are a handful.

Heading next to Lowee, they run into Underling once again, who flees and takes a hostage. Once they catch up to her, they discover her hostage is actually Rom, one of Lowee's CPU Candidates. The other, Ram, saves her and the party beats Underling. Rom and Ram, mistaking Nepgear as trying to steal their shares, attack her, but fail and flee. After meeting with the Oracle, Nepgear gets seperated from the party for a bathroom break and runs into Rom, looking for her pen. She helps her find it and the two bond a bit. After regrouping with the party, they locate the mascot character, only to discover its power was keeping an army of Killachines, ancient Arfoire weapons, in check and the mascot is shattered as they escape from one. Fortunately, they run into Gust, who offers to fix it with alchemy, and does so after they gather the ingredients, with some help from Falcom. With no choice but to return the mascot to stop the Killachines, the party travels to the altar to contain them, fighting off several mechanical baddies along the way with the help of Rom and Ram. Upon reaching there, the mascot splits in two, allowing it to grant the party its power while still keeping the machines sealed away.

They soon arrive in Leanbox and meet with the Oracle there, Chika. Despite their wariness, they decide to take a job to eliminate a nearby monster that is said to be very weak. Nepgear's overconfidence nearly gets her killed, but she is saved just in time by Cave. They confront Chika over this, but she plays dumb so they decide to let it go, but are still wary. Afterwards, Nepgear meets up with Rom and Ram then Uni who are all trying regain shares for their respective nations but to little success. They go to a concert where they first see 5pb and are amazed by her singing ability. They end up seeing Linda trying to cause trouble, but despite Cave's help she manages to get away. Afterwards with the help of Uni, they expose the current Chika as a fake, revealing it's Linda in disguise. She runs off with the party and Cave giving chase. While they lose her, they find the real Chika who at first acts as if she dying, but Cave exposes her. Chika then gives them the location of Leanbox's mascot, but when they go there they find Linda and Pirachu who they defeat at first. However, Linda uses a device which powers her and Pirachu up and easily are able to counterattack. Luckily 5pb arrives and heals the heroes while weaking Linda and Pirachu. The two ASIC members are quickly defeated afterward 5pb revealing her shy nature and the Green Mascot agrees to lend her power to them. Afterwards, Chika decides to throw a concert to help raise shares. The crowd goes crazy for 5pb, but when a boyband named Jupiter is introduced the crowd begins to boo. 5pb nearly loses her confidence, but thanks to the helpful intervention of Nepgear and the other CPU Candidates they win the crowd back over. Uni still denies an invite to the party and so do Rom and Ram (well, Ram only). 5pb, however, is motivated by the performance and joins the party. If the player has the Cave Lincense DLC, they can return to Leanbox right afterwards and Cave will also join the party.

Chapter 3: A Divine Hunger[edit | edit source]

As the party plans to return to Planeptune to form a strategy, Histoire calls and asks them to investigate a small island off the coast under attack by ASIC, beliving it to be a move to shift attack focus back on Planeptune. There, they join forces with Falcom and manage to drive them off.

Returning to Planeptune, Histoire prepares to convert the mascot power into Sharicite. IF then receives a call from the Guild informing her of a 90% drop in Lowee shares due to ASIC activity. The party boogies over there and takes down an ASIC chip factory, fighting Pirachu in the process. After that, Linda reappears and brainwashes Rom into serving ASIC. The party follows them to discover the one in control is CFW Trick, another major ASIC member. He takes control of Ram and the party is forced to fight them, then Trick. The villains flee, but Rom and Ram recover and join the party.

Soon, the party hears of another chip factory in Lastation. Heading down there, they find Uni engaged in combat with CFW Brave, one of ASIC's major members. Nepgear and Uni take down Brave, who retreats, and Uni officially joins the party.

Chapter 4: Goddess Awakening[edit | edit source]

The next morning, the party ventures through the Gamindustri Graveyard, making their way to the captive goddesses guarded by a bored CFW Judge. Nepgear gains a new HDD form from the power of the mascot characters and uses it with the party to destroy Judge. Using the Sharicite, the goddesses are freed.

Chapter 5: Approaching Shadows[edit | edit source]

After returning the CPUs to Planeptune, the party plans their next move when a sudden burst of activity from the Gamindustry Graveyard catches their attention. Immediately returning to investigate, the party finds CFW Magic is forcibly advancing their plan to revive Arfoire. They battle, but CFW Magic defeats the party. Before she can strike them down, the Hearts return and save them, causing Magic to retreat. Due to the distribution of shares, only Neptune is well-enough to continue fighting and she joins the party after.

During the chaos, Pirachu flees the graveyard, having been infected by a portion of Arfoire's power and grown to an enormous size. As he causes havoc across the land, Nepgear worries that they can win, but the faith of the others gives her power and weakens Pirachu, allowing them to defeat him.

Going back to Planeptune, a pal of IF contacts and informs her of a functioning Arfoire factory. The party heads there next, planning to stop the factory's process. On their arrival, the party encounters Underling. The party triumphs over Underling as usual, but CFW Brave appears shortly, ensuing another battle. After Brave's final words, the party heads to Lastation.

Vert receives a distress call from Chika, informing her that Leanbox is under attack. On their arrival, the party discovers Underling and the Arfoire factory workers were the cause of the destruction in Leanbox. Underling and her peons retreat soon after revealing to them that she only lured them to Leanbox. Immediately, Chika calls Vert and informs her that the attack was a decoy that gave enough time for ASIC to take over Planeptune. On the Leanbox Basilicom, Chika also informs the party that ASIC wants to trade Histoire, who was taken for hostage, for the CPU Candidates. The party heads to LAN Castle.

Immediately at LAN Castle, the party encounters Underling and CFW Trick. Trick threatens to easily kill Histoire if they ever try to do anything that opposes them. Under the same threat, Nepgear and Uni was subjected to Underling's attacks. Rom and Ram can't stand the fact that their friends are being hurt. Shining with a bright light, Rom and Ram gains the determination to help their friends. The bright light allowed IF and the rest of the party to free Histoire from Trick's clutches. Immediately, a battle ensues against CFW Trick. The party was able to destroy Trick and take Histoire back safely. The party then plans on how to liberate Planeptune from ASIC.

Nepgear and the party was left in charge of handling the de facto leader of ASIC, CFW Magic. Once again, the party battles, managing to defeat and kill her this time. However, they discover from a dying Magic that by destroying the Four Felons, Arfoire would have gained enough power to revive. Much to their grim discovery, an earthquake trembles upon Gamindustri, a sign that Arfoire had finally revived.

Chapter 6: Evil's Fading Silhouette[edit | edit source]

Heading back to Planeptune, the party regroups and steels themselves for the next part of their plan. After preparations are set, the party heads back to the Gamindustri Graveyard to destroy Arfoire once and for all.

Chapter 7: Fetal Contraction[edit | edit source]

Despite defeating Arfoire, it looks like she was not destroyed. The four felons are resurrected and they plan to kill everyone who does not worship Arfoire in 10 days. Nepgear and her friends are first told that there were goddesses that once fought Arfoire. They head to LAN Castle Secret Hall to ask a former goddess resting for advice to defeat Arfoire.

The former goddess, Caelum is awakened by the noise Nepgear and her party makes. She then tells to defeat Arfoire, they a will power to overcome Arfoire. They need to set aside their differences to focus on defeating Arfoire and saving Gamindustri. After telling the party this, Caelum returns to her slumber.

Nepgear then defeats the revived and corrupted four felons. The only thing left in the way of keeping Gamindustri safe is Arfoire.

Chapter 8: Defenders[edit | edit source]

Apocalypse: Savior's Sorrow[edit | edit source]

The party comes to a conclusion that Arfoire is too powerful and must be eliminated. Nepgear suggests the unused cursed sword rumor she heard. With no other thoughts on how else to defeat the Deity of Sin, the party and the Oracles concede to Nepgear's idea. As the Oracles research the origins of the cursed sword, the party goes ahead and gather some information on it. They later came across a dubious man, which informed them of the sword's location. Heading to LAN Castle, the party tries to retrieve the sword.

Stumbling upon a plain-looking sword, the party believes it's the cursed sword and took it back to Planeptune. After restoring it, Nepgear receives a call from a very concerned Histoire. Heading to the Basilicom, the Oracles reveal the sword's legend. The legend of the weapon is that its power comes and increases from every life of a CPU it takes. The party was shocked and takes a moment to make a decision over the matter of using the sword or not.

Unanimously, all the CPUs agree not to use the sword. Considering the odds, Nepgear formulates a plan. She insists that all the nations gather up all their shares to one nation, specifically Planeptune, and use that power to defeat Arfoire. This creates tension between Nepgear and the other CPUs. Thinking Nepgear's planning was a waste of time, the other CPUs of the other nations decide to leave her and and head back to their respective nations.

With Nepgear's one-tracked mind set, she decides to put her plan to action. With the rest of the party following suit, Nepgear starts to take shares for Planeptune, starting with her own nation then following by Lastation.

As the party took the shares of Lastation, Noire sees the depleting shares as a threat. Along with Uni, she confronts Nepgear and her party, ensuing into a battle for the shares. The battle ends with the Noire and Uni losing. Noire concludes that it's best for Nepgear to kill her and Uni with the cursed sword instead of giving the rest of Lastation's shares. Against the idea, Nepgear explains that she's only bringing the sword to avoid it being used by anyone else. Dismissing Nepgear's explanation, she desperately tries to take the sword from Nepgear. Finally getting a hold of the sword, Noire stabs herself with the sword with Nepgear also having a hold of it. After witnessing Noire's 'sacrifice,' Uni also offers her life for the sword. She insists that Nepgear should kill her instead of having to kill herself, which she complies. Ending with Uni's final words and Nepgear's new resolve, the party heads to Lowee next.

Mina was informed of Noire and Uni's sacrifice and notifies Blanc, Rom, and Ram about it. Blanc decides that they should take the swords for themselves. The confrontation between Nepgear and Blanc is a brief moment, which then ensues in a battle. With Nepgear's party emerging victorious, the CPUs of Lowee gives in and offer their life. Neptune gives Blanc a clean death, resulting in Rom and Ram breaking to tears. Once the moment passes, the twins gathers up the courage and finally let Nepgear take their lives for the sword.

Meanwhile on Leanbox, Chika was informed of the deaths of Lowee and Lastation's CPUs. Vert assures Chika that she will never fall victim to the sword and will do whatever she can. Detecting Nepgear and the party's presence in Leanbox, Vert confronts Nepgear, later ensuing into a battle. Vert loses the battle, but she retorts that she will keep fighting and not sacrifice herself. Feeling guilty to take someone's life who's still willing to live, Nepgear and the party retreats. Before they could completely retreat, Neptune hears Vert's scream and comes back to where she was at. Apparently, Vert was ambushed by Underling, who was watching from afar while they battled for the sword. The confrontation ensues in yet another battle, which results in Underling's demise. The party goes back to Vert, who was in the verge of dying. Seeing she won't survive her wounds, Vert offers herself to power the sword. After Vert's last breaths, Neptune finishes Vert off with the cursed sword. With all of the rest of the CPUs' sacrificial passing, the party heads back to Planeptune.

Too tired from the recent events that unfolded, Nepgear rests in her room. While she sleeps, Neptune unfolds her plans to Histoire and the rest of the party before they eliminate Arfoire.

As Nepgear contemplates about her recent actions, Neptune comes by and suggests that they should take a stroll to make her feelings better. Nepgear reluctantly takes up the offer, slightly forced by Neptune. As they reminiscent about their childhood, Neptune reveals her resolve to Nepgear. She wants to offer her life to the cursed sword, feeling that the sword must have as much power as it can. Nepgear stated that her life should be sacrificed instead, but Neptune retorts, saying that Nepgear is finally more powerful than her. With Neptune insisting her, Nepgear finally takes her sister's life. As she contemplates about her actions, Histoire appeared before her. Histoire states that Neptune already told her and the party about her plan beforehand. Nepgear finally breaks to tears.

Nepgear and the rest of the party finally go on a journey to the Gamindustri Graveyard to confront the Deity of Sin, Arfoire. After an exchange of words, the party battles the Deity of Sin.

Endings[edit | edit source]

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Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 features a total of 3 endings, the Normal Ending, the True Ending, and the Conquest Ending. The Normal Ending may have an event extension depending on the player's actions. A total of 5 extensions can be seen through the normal ending if certain requirements are met.

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