Key QuestsEdit

RankQuest NameTypeShare IncreaseShare DecreaseTargetRewardsComment
E[Noobs] Dogoo damage!HuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Dogoo x5500 C
Herb x8
Life Fragment(PP)
Dogoo Jelly x6
E[Urgent] VerificationHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Exhausted Jelly x5500 C
Life Fragment
E[Donate] Will he see me?FindPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Mysterious Halo x21000 C
Healing Grass
E[Bond] Best ingredientFindPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Negative Sap x21000 C
Herb x3
E[Desire] Lovely riceFindPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Begging Bowl x2500 C
Illegal Circuit
E[Urgent] Demon treasureFindLastation +3%Lowee -3%Crystal Skull x3500 C
Healing Grass
E[Fierce] Save her!HuntingPlaneptune +5%Lowee -5%Ancient Dragon500 C
SP Charger x3
E[Bone] Rock SoulHuntingPlaneptune +5%Lowee -5%Skeleton x5500 C
Healing Grass x10
E[Machine] Robo MachineHuntingPlaneptune +5%Lowee -5%R4i-SDHC500 C
Healing Pod x3
E[Pathos] Mid-Age BluesFindLowee +3%Planeptune -3%Old Man's Pathos x2500 C
Yellow Petal x1
E[Mistaken] Greeting?HuntingPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Kupokitty x5500 C
Healing Grass
E[Envy] DetestableHuntingLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Inky x5
Ms. Inky x5
500 C
E[Fierce] Flame WolfHuntingLeanbox +4%Planeptune -4%Flame Fenrir5,000 C
STR Booster
E[Arrogance] KinglyFindLowee +3%Planeptune -3%King Crown x2500 C
Healing Grass
E[Blazing] Marrow burnsFindLeanbox +3%Planeptune -3%Flamin' Bone x2500 C
E[Isolation] The LeagueHuntingLowee +3%Planeptune -3%Renegade Dogoo
Renegade Horsebird
500 C

Rank Advancement QuestsEdit

RankQuest NameTypeShare IncreaseShare DecreaseTargetRewardsComment
AAdvancement Test 5HuntingLeanbox +6%Planeptune -6%Vestiges of Momus50,000 C
BAdvancement Test 4HuntingEden +6%Lowee -6%Plaid Dolphin25,000 C
Goddess Bangle (PP)
CAdvancement Test 3HuntingLastation +6%Leanbox -6%Turtle20,000 C
Industry First(chip)
DAdvancement Test 2FindLowee +6%Lastation -6%Magical Wolf Fang15,000 C
SP Charger x3
EAdvancement Test 1HuntingLastation +6%Lowee -6%Phoenix2,000 C
Shooting RPG(chip) x2

Repeatable QuestsEdit

RankQuest NameTypeShare IncreaseShare DecreaseTargetRewardsComment
SInfected announcement!HuntingLastation +6%Lowee -6%Viral Mareshimono x26,500 C
Strategic Smarts(chip)
SThe newest weapon!?HuntingLastation +4%Lowee -4%Suppression Prototype x47,000 C
INT Booster Z
AGI Booster Z
STR Booster Z
SA secret requestFindLastation +3%Leanbox -3%Illegal Motherboard x57,000 C
INT Booster Z x2
SMagic originsHuntingLowee +3%Lastation -3%Magical Dogoo x87,000 C
SHe who loves tanks 3HuntingLowee +4%Planeptune -4%Armored Car Type 100 x47,000 C
Surprise Encounter (chip)
SBitter tree barkFindLowee +3%Leanbox -3%Negative Bark x57,000 C
P. SP Charge 2 x2
SGot it!FindLastation +3%Planeptune -3%Pachimon Circuit x57,000 C
Energy Lump
SGuards also train!HuntingLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Leanbox High Guard7,000 C
INT Booster Z x2
STraded circuitsHuntingLeanbox +4%Lastation -4%Lost Dragon x47,000 C
Includes Videos(chip)
SCat boxerHuntingLeanbox +3%Planeptune -3%Boxer Cat x87,000 C
SA genius requestHuntingLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Skull x87,000 C
Third Crusher(PP)
SIt's just data!FindLowee +3%Planeptune -3%Shaking Leaf x57,000 C
STR Booster Z x2
STo say farewellHuntingLeanbox +4%Planeptune -4%Suzaku x47,000 C
Maiden Game(chip) x3
SEntropy, etcFindLeanbox +3%Lastation -3%Contracted Ball x57,000 C
Reflex x4
SBlooming tragedyHuntingLowee +3%Lastation -3%Orange Flower x87,000 C
Paralaxin x4
SMemories of that dayFindPlaneptune +3%Leanbox -3%Nice Memories...7,000 C
Bullet Hell(chip)
AExtracurricularsHuntingLeanbox +6%Eden -6%Acrux x25,500 C
All Attacks(chip)
ASubmissive studentsHuntingLowee +6%Eden -6%Mekidrygar x21,800 C
Maxim Hammer(PP)
AThe CPU we wished forHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Spotted Plum-met x86,500 C
P. SP Charger x3
AA greeeeat man!HuntingPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Speckle x86,500 C
Reflex x3
ANegotiation failureHuntingPlaneptune +4%Leanbox -4%Kerberos x46,500 C
Robot (chip)
AHate! Green!FindLastation +3%Leanbox -3%Green Block x56,500 C
Aging Romanticism
ATrapFindLastation +3%Planeptune -3%Indulgence x56,500 C
Flamin' Petal
AStress reliefHuntingLowee +3%Planeptune -3%Tetrisi x86,500 C
AGI Booster Z x2
AA gas trapHuntingLowee +3%Lastation -3%Cass Trap x86,500 C
INT Booster Z x2
AUnfortunate monsterHuntingLowee +4%Leanbox -4%Orthros x46,500 C
Can't Grind(chip)
ARare flute maker 2FindLeanbox +3%Lastation -3%Magical Beak x51,800 C
Lord Lance(PP)
AMid-Age romanceFindLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Aging Romanticism x56,500 C
Horsebird Feather x5
APeerless ingredients 2FindLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Amazing Jelly x56,500 C
Energy Lump x2
AEnemy in townHuntingPlaneptune +5%Lowee -5%80 Quadrillion G.o.M. x37,000 C
Soccer(chip) x2
AThat! You know!FindPlaneptune +4%Lowee -4%Old Dragon...Huh?7,000 C
Motion Controller(chip) x2
ASummer romanceFindPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Soluble Cloth x57,000 C
AGI Booster Z x2
BNot defective...HuntingLowee +6%Leanbox -6%Nemesis x34,000 C
BWhat is the best?HuntingLowee +3%Eden -3%Red Dogoo x85,500 C
Erde Crystal x3
BThat badgeFindPlaneptune +4%Eden -4%Peace Badge x25,500 C
Energy Fragment
BCombat trainingHuntingLeanbox +3%Eden -3%Leanbox Soldier x85,500 C
P. SP Charger
BAaaah, Lady Vert!HuntingLeanbox +3%Eden -3%Crack Tail x85,500 C
BCrab of misfortuneHuntingLeanbox +4%Eden -4%Forest Crab x41,800 C
BLastation in armsHuntingLastation +5%Leanbox -5%Deus Ex Machina x35,500 C
INT Booster Z
BSoul! Hobby soul!FindPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Hobby Soul x55,500 C
AGI Booster Z
BArfoire ban... 2!FindLastation +3%Eden -3%Illegal Tech x55,500 C
Energy Fragment
BHe who loves tanksFindLastation +4%Eden -4%Big Boom Shell x25,500 C
Older Man(Chip)
BRobot rageHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%R-4 Custom x81,800 C
BGimme fin soupHuntingPlaneptune +4%Eden -4%Cyber Dolphin x45,500 C
Numb Jelly x2
BTripping the riftHuntingLowee +3%Leanbox -3%Hyperdimension Dogoo x35,500 C
Teen Makeover(chip)
BPunish itHuntingEden +3%Planeptune -3%King Cardbird x86,000 C
Indulgence x3
BMy fantasy...!HuntingEden +3%Leanbox -3%Magma Boy x8
Magma Girl x8
1,800 C
Demon Blade Curse(PP)
BScaredHuntingEden +3%Lastation -3%Rafflesia x86,000 C
STR Booster Z
BPeerless ingredientsFindPlaneptune +4%Eden -4%Nice Meat x26,000 C
All Nighter(chip)
BHe who loves tanks 2HuntingLastation +4%Eden -4%Tank Type 99 x46,000 C
BCat pubesFindLeanbox +3%Eden -3%Cat Paw x56,000 C
P. SP Charge 2 x2
BWandering scent fetishFindPlaneptune +3%Eden -3%Fragrant Thread x56,000 C
Energy Lump x2
CThe Famous 'That'HuntingLastation +6%Planeptune -6%Replicant x22,500 C
CSuspicious folksHuntingLowee +6%Lastation -6%Strange Person2.500 C
CRare guitar controllerFindPlaneptune +6%Lowee -6%Guitar Controller2,500 C
Free Scenario(chip)
C('· Ï Â· `) Ran RanHuntingLastation +3%Planeptune -3%High-bit Custom x54,000 C
CRevengeHuntingLowee +3%Lastation -3%Ruffian Cat x51,200 C
Turbo Hammer(PP)
CSpec-buster?HuntingLowee +5%Lastation -5%Unplanned Dogoo4,000 C
CGiant cansHuntingLeanbox +3%Planeptune -3%Lost Boy x5
Lost Girl x5
4,000 C
AGI Booster
CMagical girl requestFindLeanbox +4%Planeptune -4%Old Dragon...Ball x34,000 C
Energy Fragment
CGetting creeped up onHuntingPlaneptune +5%Lastation -5%8 Trillion G.o.M.4,000 C
Emotional Game(chip)
CGolem creationFindLeanbox +3%Lastation -3%Magical Core x31,200 C
CFuro RistanHuntingLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Floristan x54,000 C
Lost Ribbon x2
CEvil classroomFindPlaneptune +3%Leanbox -3%Heretic Jelly x34,000 C
AGI Booster
CA real idiotHuntingLastation +3%Planeptune -3%Cuberial x54,000 C
CArise! NEETs!HuntingLastation +4%Lowee -4%Giant Dogoo x34,000 C
CRetirement regretsFindLastation +3%Leanbox -3%Yello Earth Pipe4,000 C
CEw, carrots!HuntingPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Carroteer1,200 C
Beam Buster(PP)
CTo be a bone master...FindPlaneptune +3%Leanbox -3%Horsebird Thight4,000 C
Flamin' Petal
CBonds are LOVE!FindPlaneptune +5%Lowee -5%Dragon Soul x31,200 C
Unlucky Rabbit(PP)
CWhat's in clay pipes?HuntingLeanbox +3%Planeptune -3%Plom-met x55,000 C
CI wanna beat her!FindPlaneptune +4%Leanbox -4%Black Ribbon x35,000 C
STR Booster
CTraining Regimen 1HuntingLeanbox +5%Lastation -5%Cat Squirrel Rider x35,000 C
INT Booster
CUltimate cooking itemsFindLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Molten Stone x35,000 C
Crimson Stone x6
CI'll mess stuff up!FindLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Blazing Ore5,000 C
Jet-black Scale x3
CSuper happyHuntingLowee +3%Lastation -3%Coyote x51,500 C
CUnchanging weaknessHuntingLowee +3%Lastation -3%Wood Skeleton x55,000 C
Energy Fragment
CKnock 'em all out!HuntingLowee +4%Lastation -4%1000-Year Turtle x31,500 C
Hades Bangle(PP)
CI want to go public!HuntingLastation +4%Planeptune -4%Next-Gen Ricky x31,500 C
Power Hammer(PP)
CAngelic cursesFindLastation +3%Lowee -3%Jet-Black Scale x35,000 C
Healing Pod
CA fun contractFindLowee +3%Leanbox -3%Magical Contract x31,500 C
Black Crow(PP)
DAn evolving tomorrowFindLastation +6%Lowee -6%AG System2,000 C
Die So Fast(chip)
DProtagonist requisitesHuntingLastation +6%Lowee -6%Achilles2,000 C
DEliminate firearmsHuntingLastation +3%Lowee -3%Cold Boy x5
Cold Girl x5
2,500 C
Copper Ore x4
DGetting seven togetherFindLowee +4%Lastation -4%Wooden Shell x22,500 C
Data Crystal x2
DHina DollFindPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Wolf Fur x32,500 C
Cell Antenna x3
DArrogant new CPUHuntingLowee +4%Lastation -4%High Bit x52,500 C
STR Booster
DForced friendlinessHuntingLowee +5%Lastation -5%Ice Whale x12,500 C
DA heavy request!FindPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Earth Crystal x32,500 C
Life Fragment x5
DReally...FindLastation +4%Lowee -4%Unexploded Shell2,500 C
Famous Voice(chip)
DClean, kill, repeatHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Hyena x52,500 C
Red Petal
DWaterproof robotHuntingLastation +5%Lowee -5%Gargoyle2,500 C
Invisible Ribbon
D7 sparkling lightsFindLowee +3%Lastation -3%Rainbow Wing x32,500 C
INT Booster
DExpensive absenceHuntingLastation +3%Leanbox -3%Lean Tuna x53,000 C
Copper Ore x5
Iron Ore x5
DStrong crabHuntingLastation +4%Leanbox -4%Big Crab x21,000 C
Metal Bringer(PP)
DBeansprout challengeFindLastation +3%Leanbox -3%Radish Leaf x3100 C
AGI Booster
DArfoire ban...FindLastation +3%Leanbox -3%Illegal ROM x33,000 C
DNew parts in stock!?FindLastation +5%Leanbox -5%Magical Reactor 23,000 C
Voice Actor(chip)
DThe legendary...!?HuntingLeanbox +3%Lastation -3%Moulin Rouge x53,000 C
SP Charger
DRare flute makerFindPlaneptune +3%Leanbox -3%Fat Beak x33,000 C
DPosion positionFindLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Venomous Thread x33,000 C
INT Booster
DNursingFindLowee +5%Lastation -5%Newbie Nurse Cap3,000 C
Auto-map Dungeon
DThe star-seekerHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Boxbird x53,000 C
Night Moon Grass x10
DNew hair ornamentHuntingLastation +3%Leanbox -3%Fairyfly x51,000 C
Next-Gen Katana(PP)
DUniversal buddyHuntingLowee +5%Leanbox -5%Eggplant Rider1,000 C
Suspicious Bangle(PP)
DExpensive boxFindLeanbox +3%Lastation -3%Black Box Set x33,000 C
Yellow Petal
EShampuru!HuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Normal Shampuru x5500 C
Dogoo Jelly x3
EThe Eastern FieldHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Sunflowery x52000 C
Life Fragment
EMy Liege...FindLowee +3%Planeptune -3%Large Beak x32000 C
EMix and mix wellFindPlaneptune +5%Lowee -5%Premium Jelly1000 C
Stupid Game(chip)
EDogs are hotHuntingLastation +3%Lowee -3%Ice Skeleton x52000 C
Blue Seed x2
EKOMO's KitchenFindLastation +3%Lowee -3%Gel Feeler x32000 C
Sunflower Seed
ERandom intentionsFindLastation +4%Planeptune -4%Dolphin Tail x22000 C
Night Moon Grass
EBourbonFindLowee +3%Lastation -3%Palpitation x32000 C
AGI Booster
EShampuru Festival!HuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Normal Shampuru x5
Magical Shampuru x5
Dangerous Shampuru
2000 C
Radish Leaf x2
Carrot Leaf x2
ETrade PassFindPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Metal Jelly x32000 C
Tuffmil x3
EUndergroundFindLastation +3%Lowee -3%Illegal Circut x32000 C
Herb x3
Healing Grass x3
Night Moon Grass x3
EMushroom vs. BambooFindPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Matango Spore x3500 C
Life Fragment
EThey're on the move!FindLastation +3%Lowee -3%Magical Fragment x32000 C
EChallengerFindLastation +3%Lowee -3%Holy Whale Ball x32000 C
AGI Booster
EMy Summer VacationHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Tulip x5500 C
AGI Booster
Prologue only
EScent FetishFindPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Lizard Scale x3500 C
SP Charger
Prologue only
EI Hate RoboHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%M-3 x3500 C
Healing Grass
Prologue only
EPure 2 HeartFindPlaneptune +3%Leanbox -3%Youth Heart x3500 C
Mushroom Spore
Prologue only
EDon't wanna work...HuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Sergeant Froggy x51000 C
Healing Grass
Chapter 1 only
EShiny Quest ãâHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Pixelvader x51000 C
Healing Grass
Chapter 1 only


RankQuest NameLevelShare IncreaseShare DecreaseTargetRewardsComment
ADimension Destroyer105Lastation +3%Planeptune -3%True DOS Arfoire20,000 C
Business Sin(PP)
Healing Light
Chapter 10
ATari's CPU95Leanbox +3%Planeptune -3%Rei Ryghts20,000 C
Healing Light x4
BDeity of Sin, Redux80Planeptune +3%Leanbox -3%CFW Arfoire10,000 C
Crime Action(chip)
Healing Light x2
P. SP Charge 2 x2
Chapter 10
B80 God of Magatsuhi85Lowee +3%Planeptune -3%80 God of Magatsuhi10,000 C
Surprise Encounter(chip)
Healing Light x3
P. SP Charge 2 x2
BThe Originator99Planeptune +3%Lowee -3%True Arfoire10,000 C
Core User-oriented(chip)
Healing Light x3
P. SP Charge 2 x2
BIllegal is Bad!100Lowee +3%Leanbox -3%True Copypaste10,000 C
Healing Light x2
P. SP Charge 2 x2
BEden's CPU99Lowee +3%Planeptune -3%Yellow Heart10,000 C
Healing Light x3
P. SP Charge 2 x2
CYay, Pirachu! *kiss*75Planeptune +3%Lowee -3%Pirachu x65,000 C
Healing Field x2
Gold Tome(PP)
Chapter 10
CEggplant Panic85Planeptune +3%Leanbox -3%Delphi Eggplant
Eggplant Binder
Eggplant Knight
5,000 C
Infrared Comm.(chip)
P. SP Charge 2 x2
Purple Tome(PP)
CValiant Justice85Lastation +3%Leanbox -3%CFW Brave5,000 C
Limited Edition(chip)
Healing Field x2
Black Tome(PP)
CGravekeeper of Atrocity85Leanbox +3%Lowee -3%CFW Judge5,000 C
Bearded Italian(chip)
P. SP Charge 2 x2
Green Tome(PP)
CMr. Policeman. Hurry!85Lowee +3%Lastation -3%CFW Trick5,000 C
Teen Makeover(chip)
Healing Field x2
White Tome(PP)
CThe CPU of the CFW90Planeptune +3%Lowee -3%CFW Magic5,000 C
CLet Me Show Off90Lowee +3%Leanbox -3%Mister Badd5,000 C
P. SP Charge 2 x2
CNoire's Trouble95Lastation +3%Lowee -3%Anonydeath
Item Jammer Pod +
Skill Jammer Pod +
5,000 C
Crazy Difficult(chip)
CSadist Plutie95Lastation +3%Planeptune -3%Iris Heart5,000 C
Older Man(PP)
P. SP Charge 2 x2
Megapolis H
DWorker's Enemy55Leanbox +3%Planeptune -3%Monday x63,000 C
Custom Sound(chip)
Shiro Pluto Aegis(PP)
DOur Enemy55Lowee +3%Leanbox -3%Christmas x63,000 C
Ripped Macho(chip)
Chapter 6
DIts is Year 0...55Planeptune +3%Lastation -3%Valentine's Day x63,000 C
Hover Movement
Mr. Bee Strap(PP)
DOver Our Dead Bodies60Lastation +3%Lowee -3%Monday
Valentine's Day
3,000 C
Wide Market(chip)
Monkey Bracelet(PP)
DNorth Pole Fun55Lowee +3%Planeptune -3%Ice Garuda
Frozen Hell Lord
Frozen Hermit Crab
Frozen Flower
3,000 C
V Critical(PP)
DPurgatory55Lastation +3%Lowee -3%Flame Bird
Blaze Crab
Incandescent Crab
Magma Golem
3,000 C
Hunter's Charm(PP)
DThe Wind, uh, Blows55Leanbox +3%Lastation -3%Servant of Fuujin
Weathervane Crab
Wind Whale
3,000 C
Blaze Emblem(PP)
DThunder and Lightning55Leanbox +3%Lowee -3%Servant of Raijin
Raijin Soldier
Thunder Dolem
3,000 C
Triangle Force(PP)
DFather's Diary60Lowee +3%Lastation -3%Mister Badd3,000 C
Special Controller(chip)
Chapter 10
DA Maiden's Heart60Lastation +3%Planeptune -3%Anonydeath3,000 C
The Hellis Allthis(chip)
DLet's HEAT UP!60Leanbox +3%Lastation -3%New Model Copypaste3,000 C
Middle School(chip)
EMany Dogoos40Planeptune +3%Lowee -3%Dogoo x41,000 C
Healing Pod x5
Nep Bull C x5
SP Charger x5
EEat it Friend42Lowee +3%Lastation -3%Baby Bug x41,000 C
Anti-Venom x5
Anti-paralysis x5
Anti-Seal x5
EHell's Comb45Leanbox +3%Lowee -3%Hell's Comb x61,000 C
INT Booster Z x5
AGI Booster Z x5
STR Booster Z x5
EContract With Me!45Lastation +3%Leanbox -3%Red Eye x41,000 C
Nepbull SP x3
Energy Fragment x3
EGame Heaven45Lowee +3%Lastation -3%In-the-way Dogoo
WD Head
Mushroom Bro
Coin Man
Rolly Ball
1,000 C
Panacea x5
Super Panacea x3
Chapter 6
EGame Hell50Lastation +3%Lowee -3%Rebirth Hand
Shiny Cherry
Bearded Surfer
Stumbly Turtle
1,000 C
SP Charger x5
P. SP Charger x3
P. SP Charge 2
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