God Eater

(Goddo Ītā)

Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Weapon Longblade
Game(s) Megadimension Neptunia VII
Voice Actor Ai Kakuma (Japanese) , Faye Mata (English)

God Eater is a new guest character that appears in Megadimension Neptunia VII alongside three other guest characters. She is a collaboration between the Neptunia series and the anime adaptation God Eater.


Being a collaboration character, God Eater shares vague similarities to several different female characters from the God Eater PSP game and Anime adaptation series.

God Eater has fair white skin and sky blue eyes and pale hair with an "E" hair pin resembling the E from the God Eater title logo. Generally, she wears a very revealing vest that slightly covers her breasts, leaving her torso exposed. Her shorts are gray with red lining and a white belt. On her legs she wears black stockings under her red ones. She also wears matching gray arms sleeves and fingerless gray gloves. Her weapon of choice is a very large longblade with the same color scheme as her clothes.


God Eater is shown to have a personality that similar to Neptune. She is very cheerful and loves to eat. She has a habit of saying "Nom.. nom nom..." when she is excited and eating food. She also likes to upgrade her weapon, as seen with her discussion with Nepgear and Uni.



  • The large red ornament on her wrist is a another reference to the series which signifies it's wearer is a God Eater.


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