The Original Soundtrack CD for Hyperdimension Neptunia contains a total of 21 tracks. It does not have all the tracks in the game such as the Normal Battle themes for dungeons, certain boss battle themes, etc. It has all of the Battle Themes for when you fight the Goddesses except for White Heart's as well as Arfoire's final battle theme for her first form but not for her second form.

Tracklist OrderEdit

  1. Neptune Suite
  2. Leanbox's Theme
  3. Lastation's Theme
  4. Lowee's Theme
  5. Planeptune's Theme
  6. The Soul of Fight
  7. The Ruins of Ancient Leanbox
  8. The Gushing Broken Pipe
  9. The Ruins of Ancient Lastation
  10. The March of Animals
  11. The Ruins of Ancient Lowee
  12. Tough Guard
  13. The Ruins of Ancient Planeptune
  14. Clapping
  15. Lastation Rising
  16. Sacred Time
  17. Magiquone's Theme (Arfoire's Theme)
  18. Keeps Me Alive
  19. Leanbox Rising
  20. Planeptune Rising
  21. White Time
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