Failis (フェアリス?), it is the original character that appeared in Fan Fiction of Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart (超女神信仰ノワール 激神ブラックハート?).


  • Used Weapons: Great Sword
  • What You Like: Fairy
  • Dislike: Dine and Dash
  • Favorite Game Genre: Action RPG
  • Stunt: Decide to Cool

About (Microsoft Translation)Edit

Woman (Female) fencer helped Noire Us hungry, had fallen so far. While wearing red Frill Dress Gothic Lolita style, attitude is arrogant, sarcastic, lazy and hedonistic figure, and said Noire often have to fight. However, from the Neptune us "ru evil even if root is a good man" and has been described as. Was in the sense that living carefree and have the belief that "their fate decide their" only after a settlement with the Noire us appetite and desire for sleep. Her skill in Protagonist (Hero) of the Fairy Fencer F "Fang (Eryn)", based on improved.

Quotes (Microsoft Translation)Edit

  • Hah! What is destiny? That's why do change yourself!
  • What is a goddess! Are governing the country we would have! Is the goddess of the Oh! I'm there in heaven! That said, do not understand! The false goddess!


  • Failis is based on the Fairy Fencer F particularly Tiara
  • Failis Personality is based on the Fairy Fencer F particularly Fang (Eryn)

The difference with TiaraEdit

  • That hair style in the twin tails
  • That weapon is the Greatsword
  • Just thinking about eating that

The difference between TiaraEdit

  • That hairstyle is a twin tails
  • That weapon is the Great Sword
  • That you are you just thinking of meal
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