Dogoos are enemies encountered in all games of the Neptunia series. It is considered to be a very weak and easy to beat monster found very early in the game, usually the first enemy encountered in most cases.


Dogoos are little blue gel (or possibly slime) creatures that resemble a big teardrop and seem to be mixed with either a dog or raccoon. They consist of brown up-point ears, black button eyes and brown nose on a small circular tan muzzle. They also have rounded raccoon-like tails.

During battle they usually use their entire body to fight and can be seen hopping up and down. They seem to be happy, in terms of expression and as evident in some pictures. They are like normal Gels and can liquefy if they must. In Neptunia Victory, dogoos can be appear in pink gel or slime.

Hyperdimension NeptuniaEdit

They first appearing in the dungeons located in Planeptune. They serve no other purpose other than a weak enemy until later on when a quest involves Neptune and co. to gather cells from them.

Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2Edit

A giant Dogoo first appears as a boss in the first tutorial dungeon/forest. Later, Linda uses a horde of them to distract the party while she is fleeing during the events of Leanbox.


  • Possibly the weakest enemy in game.
  • Due to the Dogoo's numerous appearances in all Hyperdimension media, it can be said that they are the mascots of the series.
  • They are based on the Slime family from the Dragon Quest series.
  • In the Japanese version it's called slinu (mix of the words slime and inu (dog in Japanese)).
  • In the English version it is very to be base of a Dog and Goo as the Combination of the two creates Dogoo
  • In Re;Birth 1, the first Dogoo you fight is voiced by Norio Wakamoto in the preceding Dialogue scene.


For official images of Dogoo see Dogoo (images). For fanart please see Dogoo (fanart).

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