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Dangly (Furapura in Victory) is one of the mysterious figures shown at the beginning of mk2, and also appears as a citizen of Planeptune in the 1980's Dimension, along with Compile and Deco.


She is shown along with Compile and Deco in the Gamindustri Graveyard. They are rarely shown outside of the intro clip and on the Gamindustri Graveyard Chirper feature.

She is part of the "Exhausted", characters based off of game companies that have closed their doors.


Dangly makes a living appearance in the 1980s Gamindustri as a citizen of Planeptune under the name 'Furapura', along with Compile and Deco. Unlike the other two however she remains present for the entire game, even after the True ending.


Dangly is an angelic like being with sandy-blond/brown hair with spiked bangs neatly combed in both directions, out of her face. Her hair ends at her shoulders and her eyes are always seen closed. She wears a short, light blue dress with white and thin cream yellow sections along it and is seen with an odd orange creator like thing. She has two layered wings and a silvery crescent moon shaped halo with a red tinted star in the center.

On her head is a red tag/scroll/paper, most likely to describe that she may be dead or is a spirit.


  • It's said Dangly is based on Flight-Plan, the company that produced the Summon Night series which quietly went defunct in 2010.


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