Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Weapon N/A
Game(s) Hyperdimension Neptunia
Voice Actor N/A (Japanese) , N/A (English)
A man in a shop who knows about Chian's background story. He lives in Lastation.


A pudgy male who wears a hat.


Hyperdimension NeptuniaEdit

Lastation events:

The party enter a shop that Chian led them to as Neptune declares their objective. They are attended by a man who recognizes them from Chian and directs them to the bag of materials while describing them as heavy. IF assures Chevre not to worry saying that she is in command of these two girls with decent strength stats and that they can carry anything. Chere was relieved saying that Chian has found some lovely friends to help her out and mentions that Chian is too high strung ever since she took over the business her father ran and is glad she found people to depend on.

Neptune then ponders about Chian’s father and then gave three scenario about him, 1) Working on another planet, 2) A binge gambling addict, 3) Impaled by a hedgehog which Compa believes is rude of her to say. Unfortunately Chevre says that the third scenario is the closest as Chian’s father died in a tragic accident. Compa then asks how Chevre and Chian met and the male explains, saying he's known her since she was born and used to work with her father in Passe. However, like other factories, Avenir gave them no choice but to abandon the place. Chian’s mother asked Chevre to return back to the factory after her fathers death but by then he was already committed to the shop. Compa after hearing about Chian’s backstory mentions that it sounds really dramatic for minor story and characters. Neptune then assures Chevre that they will right all of the wrongs brought onto them by Avenir. While Chevre doubts this as Avenir is under the direct protection of the parliament.

Neptune, surprised asks why the Parliament which is a part of the Basilicom, would protect Avenir. Chevre answers that because the Parliament simply refuses to do anything to stop them and its required that people vote in order to execute an order and since Avenir holds the biggest market on the landmass. He has control over most of the Lastations residents. IF gets it and implies that with Avenir on their side, they practically have enough support to do whatever they want as well. Chevre agrees to IF’s statement saying that it’s a small price to pay for the Parliament to ignore what Avenir is really doing but things will worsen as Avenir continues to grow. IF decides they need to focus on the Avenir issue then.


  • Chevre knows about one of the weapons (gun) belonging to the four Heroes.
  • "Chèvre" is a french term meaning, Goat, or Goat Cheese.
  • Chevre does not make a appearance in the PS Vita remake.
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