Basilicom exterior

The Basilicom is an organization that serves the goddesses and governs each land.

Along with housing the Goddesses, it also a place where people go to worship the Goddesses and the place where the Goddesses reside. There is a Basilicom on each Landmass. The only way to travel to another landmass is to get permission from the Basilicom on the current landmass one is on.

Long ago, Basilicoms were created by CPUs (Goddesses). Basilicoms assist goddesses in governing the world and perform missionary work to spread their beliefs.

A Basilicom is split into two sections, one being the Sanctuary where the Goddesses are cared for, and the parliament, which is for political activity.

Hyperdimension NeptuniaEdit

After the girls meet IF, she mentions that they need to go to the Basilicom first before they can do anything else. Neptune has no clue what it is as she has amnesia. Compa explains what the Basilicom is about and consists of and upon arrival IF decides to let Neptune go and ask for the permission and questions she wishes to ask. The other two go off nearby to have a small discussion in the mean time.

Neptune goes inside and ask for the permission needed to travel to other Landmasses. The person working there ask who she is and how long the group plans to be gone. Neptune explains that she doesn't know how long they'll be gone for but she wishes to go and explore the world and fight bad guys. The worker admires her dedication and puts in the info until beginning to think that perhaps it'd be better to say that maybe he should label it as volunteer work since it'll look better on her resume.

After Neptune ask him to hurry up, she mentions that the party is waiting for her and he makes her sign in their names before granting them permission to leave. But then remembers her questions and ask him about the Basilicom. The man explains that a long time back the CPUs had build the Basilicoms in each land and they assist them in governing activity. Neptune admits that she was expecting a weird cult but instead came across normal sounding people. She is happy to learn however, that all the Basilicoms are different and that some may be weirder...


  • The Basilicom could be a reference to real world Basilicas, an important church that has been given special ceremonial rights by the Pope.


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