'Affimojas (アフィモウジャス Afimoujasu?) is a robot who refers to himself as a general, and has a strong obsession with gold, The epitome of a money monger. He's been able to acquire tons of money using Steamax's gathered intel, all while situated on a flying battleship. He is the admin behind Gamindustri's biggest information site, "@GeneralSummarySite".



Afflmojas's appearance is a general robot which it haves blue details on the shoulders, behind is a red cape and gold details in the waist, legs, arms etc.


  • "Hm, so the time has come...However, goddesses without anyone believing in them cannot be considered my enemy!"


  • It's later discovered One of the reasons he collects Money is to buy merchandise of "Busty Blondes"
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