A Weekend (Girl's Night) in Leanbox
Ep3 Screen
Pirachu falls in love with Compa
Rīnbokkusu no shūmatsu (gāruzunaito)
Air Date July 26, 2013
Episode Number 03
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The Terrorist (Lickorrist) of Lowee The Sister's Resolve (Turn)

Episode 03 of Neptunia: The Animation aired July 26 in Japan.


Vert invites the other CPUs and their sisters to Leanbox for a party. They go to a 5pb concert, with the exception of Vert, who the girls later find out is too busy playing a MMO and did not prepare for a party. Disappointed there was no party, the others decide to prepare it themselves instead. On the way back from shopping for party food, Nepgear picks up a red crystal dropped by a mouse and suddenly becomes dizzy, while the mouse runs away with the crystal. During the party, a mass monster outbreak occurs on a nearby island and the CPUs go to stop it before it reaches the town. Meanwhile, IF finds out the mouse is on the blacklist for every country and took a boat to the same place where the outbreak was. Finding that suspicious, IF and Nepgear head out to the area. After defeating the monsters, the CPUs are captured by Arfoire in a barrier made by the Anticrystals, slowly draining their Share power. IF and Nepgear arrive too late, only to be shocked by the sight of the captured CPUs.

Key eventsEdit

  • Arfoire acquired all crystals.
  • CPU's get captured by Arfoire.



  • 5pb sings the Mk2 opening theme at her concert.
  • The MMO Vert's playing has Neptunia V's screen.
  • This episode plays Mk2's opening and ending.
  • Nepstation appears in the end of this episode.
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